Celebrating our Psychologists at the end of the National Psychology Week

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This week we have tried to showcase the value Psychology brings to rehabilitation.  We thank and celebrate all of our Psychologists who do such important work within the rehab team and with clients and whānau.

Chris one of our Neuropsychologists loves his role “because it’s people work; it’s varied – every person, family, the situation is different; it’s creative – no two situations are identical, so every solution has to be tailor-made, and you get to help people face up to what can be life-shattering events, and work with them to put the pieces back together.

A few years back I worked with a 13 year old young man who had been hit by a truck and hurled 50m down the road, before he hit the ground head first. I was part of a team of therapists who worked with him and his family for about two years as they put his (and their) lives back together.

Out of the blue, about seven years later, I got a call from his mum, who rang to tell me that he had just graduated, and was about to start his first job in his chosen career. You can’t get better work stories than that.”

ABI has a growing team of Psychologists.  Each and every one of the Psychologists bring their own specialist skill set.

The work is varied, challenging, and interesting and incredibly rewarding.  Are you a registered Psychologist with experience in Traumatic Brain Injury, Disability, Trauma, Behaviour Support and or Rehabilitation for adults or children?

We always keen to hear from suitably qualified, experienced Psychologists to come and join our teams.

We can support with ACC registration and provide an interesting caseload of clients across community, inpatient or residential settings.

Feel free to contact hr@abi-rehab.co.nz to find out more