Media Consent

Media consent

Sharing your rehabilitation journey with others is a powerful gift that allows others to gain insight into the rehabilitation process, the highs and lows of this journey, the knowledge that other whānau going through the same thing don’t feel alone, and as injury prevention education. Whānau experience is also valuable for training our team and we may share your insights and content internally at times to continually improve the service we provide.

We appreciate your media consent to share your information in the form of words, images, video or other content and share on a variety of digital communication platforms including but not limited to our ABI Facebook page, conference presentations, ABI reports and internal training or documents.

You may withdraw your consent to any of your content being used by ABI at any time. 

You will be involved in the editing process as we will share the content planning to be published in advance of posting.

You will not be personally identified unless you specifically advise of this prior to the content being published.