Long Covid Support

Long COVID Support

From January 2024, the programme offered by ABI will be available for those who:

  1. Privately pay for the programme
  2. Have employers who can fund the programme
  3. Have health, income or life insurance.

The programme is delivered by a team of registered and experienced allied health professionals (Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy) and focused on evidence-based practice in Long COVID rehabilitation.

What’s involved in the programme?

Assessment: Face to face or telehealth assessment.


  1. The ABI clinician and client get to know one another, clinician hears their story and facilitates goal setting for the programme.
  2. ABI clinician provides basic education about Long COVID.
  3. The ABI assessment for Long COVID includes completion of a symptom list, goal setting, completion of assessment measures.
  4. A programme and plan is developed with client input based on their goals.
  5. At the end of the assessment the client is advised when to expect the first virtual check-in, either via MS Teams or telephone depending on client preference.

The programme is delivered with the ABI clinician connecting with the client up to 2-4 hours per month. During the three stages of rehabilitation, one month is allowed at least per stage with weekly tasks, symptom checklists, reading or viewing educational material based on problematic symptoms. The programme is up to four months in duration depending on client need.

Discharge review:

  1. Completion of standardised measures
  2. Experience survey
  3. Reflection on progress
  4. Goal attainment and a discharge summary letter to client and GP is completed.
  5. This discharge assessment occurs face to face or via telehealth.

As ABI provides a wide range of rehabilitation assessments and interventions, additional assessments and rehab can be added into this programme based on the needs of the client (for example intensive return to work rehabilitation).

Please feel to contact us to discuss your needs and referral requirements.