Jordan’s story

Jordan, on top of Mount Taranaki (March 2023)

One year ago, Jordan sustained a moderate traumatic brain injury from an assault and nine months later, he completed his first half marathon. Neither of these situations was on Jordan’s radar, but when he was discharged from the hospital, he knew he wanted to make the most of his life. 

Jordan was admitted to Auckland Hospital’s ICU, and it was in the Wards where all he remembers was feeling “pure pain everywhere above the shoulders” and having a severe lack of sleep. A week later, he was transferred to ABI for inpatient rehabilitation. 

During this time at ABI, he had an epiphany about the importance of life and how short it really is. The challenge to return to some degree of normality seemed impossible, but Jordan’s resilience and optimism have led him in the right direction to a full recovery. Through the guidance and support of his rehab team, he got a sense of hope and confidence, and through the use of the right strategies, he can live a fulfilling life after a brain injury. One of these team members was neuropsychologist, Jess. She helped him process what had happened and the feelings and emotions that go along with sustaining a brain injury. He has learned to be appreciative of the smaller things in life and that it is up to you to determine your response to adversity.  

“When your life gets tipped upside down, you’ve got to look at it from another angle.”

Jordan has since adopted a growth mindset and has developed habits he never thought he would do including journaling, meditating, and reading. Previously held back by social anxiety, he has delved into the world of filmmaking and drawing and has developed an eagerness to learn more about the human brain. Understanding he still has a long way to go, he attributes the opportunity to live a life of normality to all those who have supported him from the very beginning. To show his gratitude and to help those on a similar journey, he has raised over $4500 for organisations that helped him.

“For anyone who is going through rehabilitation after a brain injury, know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Take it easy, listen to your rehab team, and take one step at a time.”