Family Support

Kia ora. If you are reading this you will probably have been affected by a brain injury – either that of someone in your family- whānau or a close friend. You will have already been through so much.


Now comes the rehabilitation part.   This will most likely be completely new to you. You will have many questions and we are honored to be here to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on our team with any questions you may have.  You, as the family- whānau or friend of the person with a brain injury, will be vitally important to successful rehabilitation. You will tell us what we need to know to reach the person you know much better than we do. You will know the triggers that motivate them when they feel they have lost so much.  You will know when we are taking a wrong pathway to engage them in the journey.  You will understand the best way to communicate and you will know the things that turn them on and turn them off. 

ABI has specialist key-workers at both inpatient intensive rehabilitation sites.  These staff are specialists in brain injury rehabilitation and are often described as the lifeline between the families and the staff.  They welcome your active involvement and regular communication. 

The average length of stay (LoS) varies greatly depending on the seriousness of the injury or stroke. Average LoS is between 30 and 40 days. 

For the longer-term residential services and community services, you are welcome to contact the respective managers in Auckland or Wellington.

We know that in many cases, rehabilitation will not end when your family member leaves ABI.  It is both a challenge and a huge privilege to be a part of your journey and your family member’s journey to recovery.

If you would like to know more about accommodation, so you can stay close to your family member, please contact us so we can provide more information.