Returning to Work

Research has shown that there are many benefits from a timely return to work.

Returning to Work

Your return to work

Research has shown that there are many benefits from a timely return to work. Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduced periods of incapacity
  • Less financial loss
  • Improved access to treatment and rehabilitation services
  • Additional support networks
  • Job retention
  • Prevention of the impact of unemployment

Most disabilities after accident or injury are temporary. It is not always necessary to recover fully before returning to work. Many people with permanent disabilities or changed functions contribute positively to the workplace. Modified or alternative duties can often be found to enable you to work in a temporary function or for a short period of time while you recover.

The Vocational Team at ABI Rehabilitation are here to support your return to work. We will work with you to ensure you get the right intervention at the right time.’

We provide

Early intervention which improves return to work outcomes.

  • Advice and liaison with medical and community health professionals.
  • Best-practice disability management with a focus on recovery at work.
  • Clear timely and effective communication and reports to ACC.

Our Services

We are located in both the Auckland and Wellington areas for the following:

  • Workplace assessments (which reviews the client’s workplace to identify how they did their job before their injury);
  • Stay at work services (which support people to return to their job);
  • Work readiness services (which rehabilitate people ready for new types of employment);
  • Job placement (which helps people find new jobs);
  • Assessment and prescription of equipment (this helps assist the injured worker in returning to work safely and promptly);
  • Physiotherapy functional strengthening programmes (to increase the ability to carry out work tasks);
  • Manual handling assessments and advice.