What to bring

Wondering what to bring with you for your stay. See below for an outline of what you might need during your stay.

What to Bring

Personal clothing 

Please bring comfortable clothing from home. We recommend you label all clothing with your name. 

Laundry services are provided. 

Personal toiletries 

Please bring soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor and shaving foam, and comb.

Personal belongings 

We encourage you to bring photos and special comfort items. 

Please ask your key worker before bringing items like radios, iPods, or mobile phones because these may be disruptive for other clients. 


It is necessary for you to have some cash available to meet your personal needs. Your personal cash will be securely managed by administration staff. 


We advise you not to bring valuable items, and we cannot be responsible for any loss. You are responsible for personal effects insurance cover. 


We supply all meals and snacks. Please make staff aware of any dietary requirements. 

Please let staff know if you plan to bring in food from home. 


Please discuss pet visits with your key worker. 

Drugs and alcohol

Because of the serious effects on people with brain injury, drugs (including legal highs) or alcohol are not to be used during your time with us, and are not permitted on site.