Behavioural Psychology: Angela and Victoria

Victoria and Angela are Psychologists with specialist skills in behaviour. Both are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts.

Angela says “psychologists are in a unique position as rehabilitation professionals as they fill the space in supporting people to cope with the mental and physical challenges they face with their injury”

Victoria and Angela believe psychologists serve a key role in fostering independence and opportunity for their clients. Behavioural psychology is practical – it’s making changes to environments and building skills to allow people to thrive.

Victoria says no two days are the same, “some days it’s teaching a client to prepare food or focus on learning in the classroom. Other days it’s empowering parents and teachers to follow a plan for encouraging communication or decreasing outbursts. It’s flexible and person-centred – whatever the rehabilitation needs, our discipline has something to offer”

Victoria says “Working as part of a multidisciplinary team has really enhanced my practice. There are so many opportunities to share what you know while gaining insight into other disciplines. Working in this way builds stronger teams, and clients reap the benefits”