The Hanson family say thanks to ABI Rehab and Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Aaron Hanson was an Auckland ABI Intensive client following a motorcycle vs 4WD injury in July 2020. Aaron continues to receive some rehabilitation from ABI’s community service, but he has made an incredible recovery from a severe TBI. His father, Phil, is an accomplished artist, a self-taught painter and has donated 5 paintings from scenes around New Zealand to be auctioned. The money raised from these auctions, Phil is generously donating to be shared between ABI and Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.  

Any proceeds ABI receives will be used towards buying innovative virtual reality (VR) technology hardware and software for our Auckland and Wellington Intensive sites to support young people to engage in fun, gaming like activities that will not feel like rehabilitation.

VR immerses clients in an alternative world where they can do activities that they may not be able to currently do because of the injury. Early evidence of using VR in neuro-rehabilitation has demonstrated potential in many areas, such as motivation, attention, problem-solving, coordination and memory.  

If you are after a piece of gorgeous art, or if you know anyone that would like to consider bidding or donating check out the rescue helicopter website

The auctions for each piece will run on TradeMe from Friday 18th through to Sunday 27th February 2022.

ABI’s Maegan, Clinical Lead, Speech and Language Therapy and Julia, Clinical Lead, Physiotherapy were recently interviewed for Chopper Chat about their roles in Aaron’s early rehabilitation. It was great for Maegan and Julia to see Aaron again and see how well he has done. Aaron, Phil and the Helicopter Trust crew were also included in the interview. 

Have a watch of the interview, it does showcase Aaron’s recovery, the importance of getting to hospital early and accessing specialist TBI rehabilitation. Watch the video through to the end and you will get to see Phil’s incredible art and more details of the auctions.