The aftermath of a devastating king hit punch on the sports field

king hit punch

There has been some attention in the media recently regarding the devastating impact of the king hit punch.

The king hit punch is also known as a cowards punch or suckers punch.  ABI client Luka and his whānau have courageously and bravely shared their story to raise awareness of the impact of this attack, which ABI has permission to share.

Luka was allegedly hit from behind when coaching a schoolboy league game in April this year, in front of his whānau and the young team he coached. This left Luka with a severe brain injury. 

The king punch has a significant impact as the recipient of the hit has no expectation of it coming and is unable to take defensive movements or protect themselves which can result in serious, lifelong injuries, disability or even death.

Severe brain injuries no matter the cause does have life-changing impacts on the injured person and their whānau. ABI is committed to increasing awareness of traumatic brain injuries, the impact and supporting all injury prevention strategies that help prevent them.  

The ABI team are supportive of Luka and his whānau telling their story that raises awareness for others.

The team are heavily involved in Luka’s rehabilitation and working towards his and his whanau’s goal of getting him home again.

Thank you to Luka and whānau for sharing your story which you can watch here  and to Tagata Pasifika for filming this so authentically.