Rugby and Brain Injury

Rugby and Brain injury

There is considerable concern about the way rugby has changed physically in the last 20 years, alongside increasing awareness of the impact of multiple head knocks and concussions in training and games.

During this recent test series between Ireland and the All Blacks, multiple players were sent off due to concussion and head knock concerns. One of ABI’s Medical Directors, Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist Dr Richard Seemann, says he really struggles to watch these games, UFC or boxing matches.  “I diagnose them from the TV set: ‘That guy looks like he might be concussed.’”

Richard was interviewed recently for an article in the Spinoff around rugby and concussion.

Have a read of this here.

Richard previously wrote an article published on ABI’s website in December 2020 about concussion and CTE.

If you have had a concussion or multiple head knocks and are worried about symptoms you are experiencing and feel you would benefit from assessment by a specialist Concussion Service, make an appointment to see your GP, who can make a referral to ACC and ABI Rehab at if the injury has been in the last 12 months, a GP can refer straight to ABI Rehab.