Referrals to ABI Rehabilitation Services

ABI Rehabilitation Referrals Information

ABI is the leading provider of rehabilitation in NZ with specialist intensive and residential sites in Auckland and Wellington for people with TBI. ABI also provides community rehabilitation for those with TBI and other injuries and has a specialist paediatric team skilled in working with parents, schools and children with a wide range of injuries and disabilities.

Community Rehabilitation Services: 

Ph 0800 ABICommunity 0800 224 266 all referrals to email

Auckland Community Services Manager: Rachelle Bennett

Wellington Community Services Manager: Annie Jones

Residential Services:

Auckland and Wellington all referrals to email

Auckland Residential Services Manager: Andria Bayer

Wellington Residential Services Manager: Christine Remfrey

Intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation:

0800 ABI Rehab 0800 224 734 all referrals to email

Auckland Intensive Rehabilitation Manager: Helena Lister

Wellington Intensive Rehabilitation Manager: Amado Torres