Dr. Robin Sekerak

Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine
Medical Director – Wellington

Dr Robin Sekerak has been our Wellington consultant since she joined ABI in 2012.

Robin trained as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician at the University of Texas and Baylor College of Medicine in The Texas Medical Centre. Robin is a Fellow of The Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Robin is a specialist in Acquired Brain Injury; her training included the cutting edge acute neurotrauma and acute stroke units at Memorial-Hermann hospital to the outpatient setting.

She is passionate about a person and family centered approach; incorporating her training from brain science to that of individuals, families, an society in a holistic model to empower the individual and family in self-management, self-determination and self-advocation.

She loves working with professionals, families and individuals on brain injury and stroke knowledge; from prevention to rehabilitation, and adjustment.