See below for some of our current projects.

Current Projects

Videoconferencing is an established part of the way we communicate. Can we also use videoconferencing as a standard part of rehabilitation services? This could include face-to-face meetings between professionals for consultation or case reviews, or an assessment between clients and therapists.

Visual screening and intervention:
Some clients with ABI have challenges due to vision problems. How can we better identify and treat vision problems?

Upper limb assessment package and process:
Many of our clients have a goal of improving the function of their arms and hands. What can we do to make this process more streamlined?

Cognitive rehabilitation workshops:
Research shows that group workshops can improve outcomes around attention, thinking, and reasoning. How can our cognitive rehabilitation workshops have the best value for clients?

Improving discharge planning/community transition:
How can we support clients’ seamless transition back home after rehabilitation

Client Portal:
Can we build an electronic portal that will allow clients to get information about their own rehab? This project is funded and supported by AUT University.