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Brendan’s Story
His determination and optimism is palpable and his strong support network is behind him 100% of the way. And we’re with you 100% too, Brendan. 

A few months before his 40th birthday, Brendan Daly took his motorbike out with his brother in law for a cruisy ride around Lylleton Harbour in his hometown Christchurch on a sunny Saturday morning in June 2023. He planned to get home and mow the lawns later that day, not realising that it would be seven weeks until he saw his family home again. 

While meandering down Western Valley Road, his motorcycle collided with a vehicle and Brendan ended up impacting it head on. Luckily, he can’t remember much of what happened after that point, and the four weeks in Christchurch Hospital were much of a blur. 

Relying on something greater than myself

Upon transfer to ABI’s inpatient service in Wellington, this is when Brendan’s memory began to return and having his wife Liz, and two children Luke (12) and Zoey (9) visit regularly was a motivator for Brendan to rehabilitate as quickly as possible to get home where he belonged. Luke and Zoey were excited about visiting their Dad at ABI as that’s where he was improving and took the experience in their stride. 

Brendan clung to his faith during this time and also had his family and friends to lean and rely on. His family and friends huddled around him and helped in the most practical of ways. 

“I always remember the day my mate brought me a pie. It was the nicest pie I’ve ever eaten”. 

Behind the scenes, family and friends were supporting Liz and the kids with things at home, many friends taking the role of wood splitting, mowing lawns and many other tasks, with one friend walking Liz from the hospital to her car late each night and he wanted to make sure she got home safe. 

Strength through vulnerability

Rehabilitation at ABI was tough but it was where Brendan’s wraparound support team instilled the belief in him that he could get his life back. 

“I realised I’ve got too good of a life to walk away from” remarks Brendan. 

Part of rehab was learning how to accept help, something Brendan grappled with at the beginning, and also doing what he’s told, both by his team and his family. 

Spending close to three weeks at ABI, he learned skills for life to equip him back home and adjust to his new normal. Fatigue continues to be a lingering symptom after Brendan’s injury and he’s been using strategies he learned at ABI to deal with this back home. 

Looking to the future

Brendan is now back at work four days each week and his Dad (who he works with) frequently brought him to and from work but now Brendan can drive again giving him a sense of independence. 

Recovery from major nerve surgery on his arm last December has taken some effort. 

“I’ve got a long way to go but I’m getting there” smiles Brendan. 

“The skills learnt at ABI about managing fatigue have really helped with this. Nerves heal slowly so hopefully by Christmas I’ll be out of this sling, until then I keep being patient. The key thing I’m constantly reminded of is that it’s important to be forgiving on yourself and allow yourself time to heal. ABI taught me so many good things and that I can’t rush the healing process which has been such an important lesson”.