Service Philosophy

Service Philosophy

At ABI Community Services we partner with clients and whanau to achieve the best possible outcome. We achieve this through our values, which can be summed up in the word: ASPIRE


Accountability ǀ  Rangitiratanga
We believe that access to quality rehabilitation services is a right for children and adults in New Zealand.


Supportive ǀ Manaaki
We commit ourselves to a culture of aroha: generous service, care, hospitality and support.  


Passion ǀ Matapaki
We have a  passion for learning and sharing knowledge. 


Integrity ǀ Mana
We aspire to earn trust by being honest, reliable and accountable.


Respect ǀ Manaaki
We recognise and value the mana, strengths, goals and aspirations of our partners – clients, whānau and funders.


Excellence ǀ Hiranga
We commit to good practice and the science of rehabilitation.