About ABI Community Services

About ABI Community Services

ABI Community Services is a community based service providing neuro-rehabilitation to adults and children in the greater Auckland and Wellington regions, and assessment services across New Zealand.  We have four clinic branches – three in Auckland and one in Wellington.

Team members have extensive experience providing “in home” rehabilitation for people with neurological impairment, TBI, concussion, complex medical, and/or orthopaedic conditions. We primarily provide services to ACC clients (adults and children) and private services for children.

Due to our reputation for excellence, ABI Community Services attracts experienced Clinicians of the highest quality who firmly believe in a person-centred approach, where the individual and their whanau/family are at the heart of all decision-making. We understand people are individuals with their own goals and aspirations and we take the time to listen carefully and then work alongside people to achieve these aims.

ABI hold an international quality award (CARF accreditation), accrediting our company for the following programmes:

  • Home and Community Services
  • Brain Injury Specialty Programme
  • Paediatric Speciality Programme
  • Independent Evaluations services (includes Support Needs Assessments).

ABI are the only organisation in New Zealand who are CARF accredited, giving clients, whanau and funders reassurance that every aspect of our services meets international standards.