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Community rehabilitation can be provided at home, in the workplace, at ABI or at a place that suits you.

Welcome to ABI Adult Community Rehabilitation

Welcome, nau mai haere mai to ABI’s community rehabilitation services for adults. We offer professional, individualised rehabilitation services in an approachable and friendly manner to support clients and their whānau to achieve the goals that are important to them.

ABI Grafton Community team
ABI Auckland Community team

Our team of rehabilitation clinicians are experienced in neurorehabilitation, major trauma, disability and the psychological impact following an accident or medical event. We work with clients, their whānau as appropriate, GP’s, employers and other agencies supporting the client to regain skills and achieve their goals following injury or neurological event.

ABI offers services for all ages, for those with a range of physical, neurological, cognitive, social, sensory, psychological and emotional needs. We provide a number of different services tailored to the clients’ needs, working one-on-one with the client and, if relevant, can provide coaching and education to those supporting the client.  Our clinicians are based in Northland, Auckland, Wellington, Wairarapa and Manawatu, but as ABI holds national contracts with ACC, many of our Assessor clinicians travel nationally to meet with clients.  

Our clinicians are experienced, with an empathetic, practical and empowering approach. They are whānau centred and take the time to listen to what is important to clients.

Rehabilitation activities can take place at home, at ABI’s offices, the workplace, place of study, in the community or another place that is important to the client.

ABI Wellington Community team
ABI Community Rehabilitation team

Areas the ABI Community Rehabilitation team can support you and your whānau with include:

  • Returning to work, study and recreational activities
  • Routines and daily living tasks
  • Self-care and independence skills
  • Emotional regulation and social skills
  • Managing fatigue, pain and activity tolerance
  • Information processing
  • Changing life roles, adjustment to disability 
  • Parenting and relationships following injury
ABI Community Rehabilitation team

If you are funded by ACC, the ABI community rehab team provide the following services:

  • Assessments (Support Needs Assessments, Social Rehab Needs Assessments, Neuropsychology Assessments, Housing Assessment, Wheelchair and Seating Assessments, Single Discipline Assessments)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Concussion Services
  • Psychology Services
  • Behaviour Support Services
  • Living my Life
  • Training for Independence Services
  • Clinical Services Assessments – Rehabilitation Medicine Physician, Psychiatrist, Occupational Medicine Physician

These assessments and interventions can also be provided privately and via other funding streams other than ACC. ABI also provides some community group stroke rehabilitation programmes out of the ABI gym in Auckland and Tawa, Wellington.


Our Adult Community Rehabilitation Team:

The ABI team who are working in the community are highly experienced at providing in-home or community-based rehabilitation. ABI has a full interdisciplinary rehabilitation team. All of our clinicians working in the community have at least 3 years of post-graduate experience.

ABI Community Rehab Team

ABI Rehabilitation provides specialist services for both adults and children through its community services, including assessments, treatment and therapy programmes. A range delivers services of reliable and compassionate professionals. 

The community rehabilitation team covers a wide range of injuries from mild to severe traumatic and hypoxic brain injury through to fractures. 

The interdisciplinary team includes:

Please contact us if you think we can help you at referrals@abi-rehab.co.nz