Visiting Auckland ABI Intensive Inpatient & Residential Disability Services – under COVID-19 Alert level 3 – Step 2

Thank you to all friends and whānau for taking the time to read this. As you may know, following the Prime Minister’s update, Auckland will remain at COVID-19 alert level 3 but change to Step 2.  Some of the restrictions for Alert Level 3 around visiting will be eased.  

Visiting ABI facilities in Auckland

Under Level 3 – Step 2 guidelines ABI can now support scheduled and planned visits to your loved ones from 2 nominated visitors (an increase from one).  However we ask that one visit at a time.  Visiting whānau members must be fully vaccinated (acknowledging under 12s cannot be vaccinated yet). 

Please continue to prioritise contact with your loved one by video or phone in preference to physical visits.  

If you are planning to visit, be advised of the following:

  1. Unfortunately due to government restrictions with the Auckland border, we can only accept visitors who are in Auckland. 
  2. You must be prepared to wear a mask at all times. No exceptions.
  3. Visits to Auckland Intensive Services at Ranui, can only occur Monday to Sunday between 10am to 4pm.
  4. Visits to Auckland Residential Disability Services Houses can only occur Monday to Sunday between 10am to 12 noon or 3pm-5pm.
  5. You must phone, at least one working day prior, of your visit and book in your visiting time – there will be limited availability. Please call within business hours Mon-Fri.
  6. Visiting Options are as follows:
    1. One visitor from the client whānau can visit at a time.
    2. Client can have one visit per day.
    3. Whānau can now nominate 2 named visitors and visitors can be under the age of 16yrs.  
  7. If nominated whānau visiting or anyone in the visitor’s bubble, has any cold or flu like symptoms such as; headache, sore throat, temperature, runny nose, sneezing, cough, upset stomach, or shortness of breath or if have had contact with suspected or known cases of COVID-19 they must inform us and must not visit. 
  8. Visits must be kept to 60 minutes from arrival to departure of the service, to allow others to visit their loved ones.
  9. You must maintain a 2 metre distance from the person you are visiting.  This means no touching of the person including in greeting or leaving. 
  10. You must try to maintain a 2 metre distance from ABI staff, other ABI clients or visitors, for the visit with the exception of the arrival process 
  11. To book a visit please call during business hours.  

The booking process includes answering some health screening questions and agreeing to the process for entry including screening on arrival to the service.  These questions will be asked for each booking. 

  1. Please arrive at the agreed date and time. 

Booking for Auckland Intensive Inpatient Services at Ranui: Auckland keyworker: Kalesita 021 536 623

Booking for Auckland Residential Disability Services: Reception: (09) 826 4004 (option 2)

It is important you inform us immediately should you experience any flu like symptoms such as; sore throat, temperature, runny nose, sore tummy, cough or shortness of breath or if anyone in you come in contact with is diagnosed as suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

We will keep you updated via the website and our social media pages as the COVID-19 alert levels change and or the Auckland Public Health, Ministry of Health and Government advice is updated. Thank you for your continued understanding as ABI facilitates visiting in the safest manner possible for your loved ones during this COVID-19 pandemic.