Here you will find links to usable resources for further information and help.

Useful Links

ACC Rehabilitation resources after a traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Here are resources provided by ACC to help you or a family member who has suffered a traumatic brain injury. If you are a provider you will also find resources that will help you.

Amputees Federation of New Zealand Incorporated

The Federation provides information and ongoing support for any person who is an amputee. It includes information on personal care, sport and recreation, benefit assistance, and information on other supporting organisations.  There are currently nine District Societies throughout New Zealand.

Carers New Zealand

Government can provide practical help for people caring for family or friends who are older or have ill health, a disability or a mental health, alcohol or other drug issue. You will find information about government-funded services and supports available for carers by visiting this website.

Diabetes New Zealand

Diabetes New Zealand is the only national charity in New Zealand representing and supporting people affected by diabetes.

Auckland Therapy – Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is trauma? A trauma is an extreme event that overwhelms our normal coping mechinisms. Knocked off our feet we suffer a range of distressing symptoms and may struggle to make sense of things. While family, friends and other social supports, as well as the passage of time, often provide healing this is not always the case.


Skylight – Because grief happens and support matters. Offering a wide range of services to those facing tough times of change, loss, trauma and grief. Wairarapa, Auckland and Wellington region.

Yes Disability Resource Centre – Carabiner Youth Mentoring

It is the vision of Carabiner to match young people aged between 17-24 years who demonstrate vision, passion and perseverance towards a specific goal with someone who has experience in the area that the young person is aspiring towards.

Health and Disability Commissioner

Independently upholding consumer rights by:
• Promotion and protection
• Resolving complaints
• Service monitoring and advocacy
• Education

Head injuries and driving

This factsheet provides information for drivers with head injuries. It outlines the impact such injuries can have on your driving ability and advises general and medical requirements to retain or get your licence back after you have had a head injury.

Victim Support

People hurt by crime or sudden trauma need to be heard, to have the harm acknowledged and repaired, to have the offender dealt with.

Brain Injury Support

There are 14 Regional Brain Injury Association offices providing support, education and information services throughout New Zealand.

Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation

The Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit (ASRU) is a regional spinal injury service which provides comprehensive care for people with a spinal cord injury from the central north island to the far north.


THINK empower people affected by head injury through the provision of information, education and advocacy support and raising awareness and prevention of head injury in the community.

Personal Health Record

A personal health record is simply a collection of information about your health. Personal health records are not the same as electronic health records, which are owned and operated by doctors’ offices, hospitals or rehab centres like ABI Rehabilitation. There are, however, a growing number of GP’s using Personal Health Records. This allows you to access specific sections of your health record and print the records at any time. We encourage you to check with your doctor to find out whether your can access this information from their system.