Update: Visiting under COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

Thank you to all friends and family/whānau for your continued understanding whilst we have COVID 19 pandemic restrictions in place. 

We are carefully expanding visitation procedures for Wellington in a controlled manner to maintain a safe environment for our at-risk patients. This means we will still need to control traffic in and out of our Wellington facility as people coming in and out of ABI services increases the risk of viral spread to all of our clients and staff.  

ABI Auckland Intensive and Residential Sites

As Auckland remains at alert Level 4, unfortunately no visits can be permitted to the ABI Auckland Intensive and Residential sites. Our teams will continue to support your loved ones with their rehabilitation programmes and help facilitate connection with you via video or phone.  

ABI Wellington Intensive and Level 2

ABI is happy to continue to offer visits and we are gradually reducing restrictions based on guidance from the Ministry of Health. ABI staff will re-commence community outings with clients.  

Please review these updated visiting guidelines for Wellington.  

If you are planning to visit, be advised of the following:

  1. You must be prepared to wear a mask at all times. No exceptions.
  2. Visits, due to staffing resources, can occur Monday to Saturday between 9am to 4pm.
  3. You must phone, at least one working day prior, of your visit and book in your visiting time – there will be limited availability. Please call within business hours.
  4. Visiting is limited to two people per designated zone at a time and one visit per client per day. 
  5. Each client may be visited by a maximum of two whānau members per visit.  The primary designated family member and patient will decide who the additional visitor may be.   
  6. If the visitor or anyone in the visitor’s bubble, present with any cold or flu like symptoms such as; sore throat, temperature, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath or if have had contact with suspected or known cases of COVID-19 they must inform us and must not visit. 
  7. Visits must be kept to a maximum of 90 minutes from arrival to departure of the service, ideally shorter, to allow others to visit their loved ones – exceptions may be made for those travelling significant distances.
  8. You are able to participate in therapy sessions with your whanau member, however please maintain physical distancing and continue to wear your mask in these sessions.  
  9. No visitors to be under the age of 16 unless under compassionate circumstances. 
  10. You must maintain a 2 metre distance from the person you are visiting.  This means no touching of the person including in greeting or leaving. 
  11. You must try to maintain a 2 metre distance from ABI staff for the visit with the exception of the arrival process.
  12. If you wish to take your whānau member for an outing, please contact the Nursing Services Manager or Rehab Services Manager to discuss.
  13. Please note, there will be no overnight leave at this time.
  14. To book a visit or to come and pick up your loved one please call during business hours:  

Wellington Reception (04) 2370128