Home Leave and therapy outings from Auckland ABI Intensive and Residential Disability Services at COVID-19 RED

Thank you to all friends and whānau for taking the time to read this. As New Zealand is now coming to terms with living with COVID-19 and the traffic light system, ABI is able to offer home leave and rehabilitation outings from its Auckland Intensive and Residential Disability Services to support client’s rehabilitation and connection with whānau.  

Overnight leave

ABI can support scheduled and planned overnight home leave for ABI clients who:

  • Are in the Inpatient Intensive service at Ranui and nearing discharge – home leave trials allows for practice of rehabilitation skills in the home setting 
  • Are Residential Disability Services clients as agreed as part of the clients rehabilitation programme
  • Are fully vaccinated

Accessing the community has the potential to increase the possibility of COVID-19 coming into ABI. Many people at ABI are more vulnerable, than the general population, to the associated risks of COVID.  We ask you to follow the following recommendations ABI has in order to protect your loved one, other ABI clients and ABI staff:

  1. Whānau members at home will all be well and not displaying any COVID symptoms
  2. Please consider avoiding indoor public spaces such as malls, libraries museums etc
  3. Please support the client using a mask when in the community
  4. Please ensure you are scanning in of any community places to support any contract tracing required
  5. Unfortunately due to government restrictions on crossing the Auckland border, we can only organise leave to Auckland addresses. 
  6. If your loved one or anyone in your whānau begin to exhibit any cold or flu like symptoms such as; headache, sore throat, temperature, runny nose, sneezing, cough, upset stomach, or shortness of breath or if have had contact with suspected or known cases of COVID-19 ABI must be informed prior to returning your family member to ABI to help us plan for their arrival. 

Community therapy outings from Intensive or Residential Disability Services 

ABI Auckland will begin rehabilitation outings in the community again to assess and support community participation and reintegration in a safe supported manner.    Walking groups, coffee groups and shopping activities will recommence for fully vaccinated clients with ABI therapists.   (NB: This is not applicable to community rehabilitation services ABI offers from community clinics at Grafton, Botany or NorthWest, just for clients accessing Inpatient Intensive and Residential Services)

Please be reassured that ABI will plan these activities safely and ensure we are following Government guidelines including:

  • ABI staff are fully vaccinated
  • Physical distancing will occur when in the community in order to keep the ABI bubble safe
  • Using masks
  • Outside as much as possible – weather permitting
  • Scanning into premises to support any contact tracing

We will keep you updated via the website and our social media pages as the COVID-19 traffic lights change and or the Ministry of Health and Government advice is updated. If you have any queries about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.