ABI Rehabilitation had a great presence at the NZRA-AFRM conference from 14-17 October, 2015 in Wellington. Our team presented the following:

Publications and Presentations

Technology in Rehabilitation

Emerging Technologies in Rehabilitation (Workshop).

– Author: Richard Seemann

Funder Portal

Funder portal – a means of secure information sharing.

– Authors: Young T, Andreas N

Building Rehab by Design

Building good rehabilitation by design; part 1: leveraging information to create a nation-wide pathway for traumatic brain injury.

– Authors: Krishnan C, Young T, Feist S, Hodge K

Swallowing Training Poster

A new way to improve confidence in staff members involved in dysphagia management.

– Authors: Gardiner, J., VanSolkema, M., Jacobs, N., Silcock, L

PostTraumatic Confusional State TBI

I am so confused: the concept of post traumatic confusional state in disorders of consciousness after traumatic brain injury.

– Author: Sekerak, R.

Neuropharmacology Poster

Pharmacology and the injured brain: intended benefits and potential harms.

– Author: Sekerak, R.

Length of Stay post TBI

Residential rehab length of stay post bi – key contributing factors.

– Authors: Young T, Andreas N, Anstis H, Sully E

Terson's Syndrome Poster

Seeing Is Believing: Vision Impairment After Subarachnoid Haemorrhage May Be Reversible – A Case Report of Delayed Diagnosis And Treatment Of Terson’s Syndrome.

– Authors: Sekerak R, Tham LP, Dwyer A

Pet Therapy Poster

Does pet therapy benefit clients in a brain injury rehabilitation centre?

– Authors: Anstis H, Brown K, Gardiner J, VanSolkema M

Executive Functioning Poster

Single Case Study: The effectiveness of an adapted executive function programme delivered by SLT/OT in Improving Participation and Independence following a Severe TBI.

– Authors: VanSolkema M, McLauchlan, C