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If someone in the northern half of the North Island has a severe traumatic brain injury, it is likely they will be referred to the ABI Rehabilitation New Zealand residential service in Auckland. The intensive rehabilitation facility is a purpose-built campus in the West Auckland suburb of Ranui, which is close to Henderson. The facility has good access from the North Western motorway coming off at Lincoln Road.

The site has a pleasant ‘village’ atmosphere in a semi-rural environment. Up to 27 clients live on the campus at any one time. The campus has five houses, each with 2-8 beds and a kitchen, lounge and full bathroom facilities. Clients can use any of the common facilities. The entire site is wheelchair-accessible and the houses have to-the-door access for ambulances and transport vans.

There is a large central building called ‘The HUB’, which has a full gym for physiotherapy, large meeting or conference room, a café with a comfortable TV-viewing area, a computer with internet access, a kitchen where coffee/tea and simple meals can be prepared, a vending machine and indoor and outdoor seating.

The campus grounds are spacious, full of green spaces and beautiful flowers. We are currently putting the finishing touches to our new sculpture garden, which is a great place to enjoy some fresh air. A dairy, small shops and bus/train stops are all within a five-minute walk.

Visiting hours and accomodation information

Families-whānau are encouraged to be part of the rehabilitation process. Details of any restrictions are in the Family Information Guide which will be available before an admission. There are some general principles however.

Rest is important for people with brain injury, so after 8pm we would expect clients to be left to rest. In the mornings clients will be showering and getting ready for the day and privacy is appropriate. In the early stages, we may have to limit visitors to immediate family in order to avoid fatigue or overstimulation for clients.

Please bear in mind that other clients will be at different stages of recovery and may find a lot of noise and visitors quite disturbing. You will quickly become a partner in the whole process and we can negotiate together what is appropriate and helpful to your family member.

For families and whānau members from out-of-town we can also provide help and advice about accomodation close to our centres. So please contact us.

<strong>Directions</strong><br />If driving, take the Lincoln Road turnoff on the North Western Motorway.<br /> At the second set of lights, turn right onto Universal Drive (Pak n Save is on the left).<br />
Drive 3kms to the roundabout.  Turn left onto Swanson Road.  At the next roundabout, turn right onto Metcalfe Road.<br />
Go over the railway line and across the small roundabout.  Half way up the hill on the left there is a sign saying Cavit ABI.<br />
Turn into the driveway, park on the left or go through to the upper car park.  Visit Reception for directions for the houses.<br />
Please do not leave your vehicle unlocked or running.<br /> 
The nearest bus stop to and from Britomart is on Metcalfe Road and the bus stops close to the entrance but not exactly at the entrance.<br />
The nearest train station is Ranui. Main office is 180 Metcalfe Road, Ranui.<br />
Off site houses are located at 544 Swanson Road (Swanson House), 20 Waterstone Way (House 6) and 23 Tumanaka Place (House 12).<br />

Map and Directions

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Information for clients, families and whānau about our residential service in Auckland.
Residential Facilities
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